MAT Repairs is a zero waste processing company with an effective research and development mandate to keep up with ever-changing needs for better products.

We repair, make and rent a wide variety of industrial matting. We repair mats made from car and truck tires as well as those made from used conveyor belting. We produce blasting mats, walkway mats, hoe-chucking mats and reusable road system mats.

We are also a depot for scrap matting made from tires and scrap belting.

We pay special attention to industry needs for strength and longevity in our products.

We're a pioneer in practical uses of recycled materials and like to think we take a good amount of burden from our landfills.

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Replacing Roadbase for Temporary Roads with the
MAT Repairs Temporary Road System
Sample Road Size : 200m (~650 ft)

phoenix road systems

In addition to saving time and money on the construction of the temporary road, the MAT Repairs method doubles your savings during the deactivation as well. Not to mention a huge reduction in site degradation because the mats required no ground stripping.

Demonstration of how easy it is to place and use our mats :

Demonstration of how well our blasting mats protect blast zone vicinities :